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1985 was the year when we started offering gorgeous, fashionable and graceful marriage marquees for rent in London. We’re well aware of the importance of ensuring that all parts of this unique day go as per plan! We’ve an understanding and competent staff that have been in this business for 30 years and have planed and managed wedding occasions and marquee rent. Thus you can rest assured that our panel will offer you an eye-catching marquee for your marriage day. Thus, notwithstanding you seeking hiring a grungy, elegant, classic style, or customary marriage marquee or a deluxe and overgenerous clear cross marquee, we are up to the task of supplying you with the wonderful marquee for your place.

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About Capitall Marquees

What’s the need of marquees?

Numerous individuals in London pick marquee rent for their event site need. The main reason is its versatility. Another reason is that hiring of a marquee for occasions like marriages and personal parties goes a long way in creating a comfortable, open and eventually specialized ambiance at that event.

Visualize all the open-air events that you’ve attended, which had marquees, regardless of them being party tents, wedding tents, / even a business marquee tent for any sporting / industry fair and put them side by side to events held indoors in any lackluster function space or personal suite at any hotel.

If you consider the events that you preferred the general feeling is that you would be of the opinion that picking tent rental over any commonplace function room’s a great deal more enjoyable while also being more visually remarkable. In any case, creating of the accurate impression is essential at the time of planning any form of event, regardless of you organizing a birthday bash, marriage or welcome party, commercial event or a business rewards buffet evening.

Why Choose Us

We have 18 diverse marquee styles for you to choose from, which are capable of accommodating from 50 to 400 people. Take a look at the packages we offer for more additional information. However, our services do not stop here. Once you have chosen your marquee, you are free to pick furnishings that include seating cubes, rounded tables and dual-seat sofas.

Our skilled team will take care of you throughout the whole process and have been commended many times for their excellent efforts and flawless communication.

What makes us stand apart?

Among the benefits of taking our services in London is most certainly our cost as they commence from as less as £780. The standard marquee price being £1500 it’s going to be a grand option to stick with us.

The excellent customer feedbacks that we have got have emphasized our service quality and also the quality of our equipment and furniture.

Why choose us

We offer 18 diverse marquee options that you can pick from and they are capable of accommodating anywhere from 50 to 400 people. Please have a look at the packages that we offer to get additional information.  Having had picked your marquee are free to pick your furnishings that include seating cubes, chairs, rounded tables and a dual-seat sofas.

We’ve a fully trained staff that’s more than competent to take care of you all the way through the entire night. Our staffs have been given some astonishing reviews that include commendations on their communication abilities while handling customers.

We are tremendously self-assured that you are going to enjoy every single minute of our services that you use due to our extremely economical rates, staff with professional training, and our premium quality marquees.

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